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What an afternoon with Duchess yesterday! She started acting weird, so I took her blood glucose and found it was


The number range for cats is similar to that for humans. 100 is a fine number, less than 70 is hypoglycemia, and 40 is a medical emergency.

Went right to the vet and spent the next nearly five hours there. Fed her, squirted sugar gel in her mouth, fed her again... her sugars went up a little but came down again, and eventually they put her on IV dextrose.

At 21 she should have been in a coma or seizing -- near death. The fact she was still moving says frightening things about her adaptation to this level of blood sugar. As it is, she was panting and stumbling. She was ravenous and would eat like crazy if something were offered right next to her nose, but when a bowl was in front of her she couldn't find the food in it even by smell. She would growl and hiss when she was touched. She was also completely blind, probably because her brain was starving and couldn't process data. She had a strong tendency to walk right through a water dish or a food bowl, then keep going until her nose was planted in the corner of two walls of her cage, and then stay there, probably too disoriented to know what to do next. Poor girl!

She finally achieved a glucose reading of 113 shortly before closing. (My wallet thanks you, Duchess - I sure didn't want to transfer you over to the emergency clinic.) She became her normal affectionate and aware self in a surprisingly rapid transition. As we guessed and hoped it would, her vision did come back.

She's off insulin now. I'm sure she'll need to get back on it (by 9:30PM her blood sugar was 214), but she'll certainly have a lower dose.

She's lying near me now, stretched out and purring. *sigh* Poor sweetie.
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This site is AWESOME. I hope they expand their listings.


May. 1st, 2009 09:37 am
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I am overjoyed to have my preferred name here!

Swine flu

Apr. 30th, 2009 04:18 pm
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My information about the swine flu situation comes from two sources:

1) the WHO web site and the people who link to it


Has anybody seen anybody panicking? The news may be full of stories describing panic; note the total lack of traditional news media in my info list above. Has anyone here seen or talked to someone who was off their nut about it?


Apr. 29th, 2009 09:29 pm
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Last I checked, my preferred name is actually still available over there, so if someone has a code they wouldn't mind throwing my way, I'd be grateful. As you might imagine, this name can be awfully hard to get.

E-mail is fine, or comment here (screened).

edit: Thank you!! Got one -- and I'm cjsmith at Dreamwidth.
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I'm supposed to write an essay on a company and its core values. Help! Please! Does anyone know a company who actually publishes core values?

Problem 1: The essay is not complete without a printout of the company's own statement of their core values, possibly from the Web. Companies I know anything about don't have time for that kind of crap. (I have worked for a lot of companies, and I have done a lot of Web searching. I had no idea how hard this would be to find.)

Problem 2: I need to be able to talk about how the company does or doesn't live up to those values. I can't pick Western Widget Incorporated unless there's a metric buttload of obvious core-values-related news about it at my little Google-enabled fingertips.

Any ideas out there? Pretty please?

EDIT: Thank you everybody!! I've been too hung up on thinking I had to find a place I had worked for or had known a lot about beforehand. I can get started now!
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Do you live near me and own equipment capable of doing ultraviolet photography? (Best I can tell, Keeble & Shuchat doesn't rent out UV-capable lenses, but I haven't made an exhaustive search.)
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1. Diabetic Kitty ate cheese* and subsequently acted normal. No fatalities**.

2. Monday, which was going to be chem lab report due -> chem exam -> bio exam -> physics lecture -> two business essays due, has now had its biology exam delayed. Now Monday is only lab report -> exam -> lecture -> lecture -> two essays, which is WAY BETTER, especially considering my Friday and Saturday are full.

3. I even got a good start on that lab report today.

4. And I moved my doctor's appointment so that it's not right before a pair of back-to-back exams (a week from Monday, bio and physics).

Things are looking up.

* Good tactics, cat. Refuse everything except MY DINNER, when I know you're at risk, so I HAVE to give it to you.
** This is how the hummingbird died. (Except I'm pretty sure no one had given him supplemental insulin.) Did I mention the hummingbird, last week? I guess I can tell you the story, but you know the ending.
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6PM class: Impromptu speech. Joy! In which our group mostly clowned around during the brief prep time. Lovely for them (speech majors), particularly bad for me (who needed every minute of that time). Also learned tonight that I get to do BOTH of the two major project options in this class (honors student). Guh.

Get home at 8:30, ravenous. Put trash out. Must must must study for quiz first thing tomorrow morning! This is the first chance I've had all day! But need dinner, too. Open up salad from fridge and eat about four bites before finding A VERY BIG BUG. Okay, thumbnail length, but too big for my salad. Put bug (still alive) outside in garden, throw away salad.

Feed cats. Put second attempt at dinner in the microwave. Medicate cats. Carry second attempt at dinner to table. Diabetic Kitty (who now contains insulin!) promptly throws up her entire dinner (right next to table). This means it's going to be Race To Fend Off The Fatal Blood Sugar Crash all evening. That studying thing, um, well...

Some days just suck.
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I got blood drawn yesterday morning - SEVEN TUBES thank you very much - and I did not feel one iota of wooziness.

Granted, I didn't watch, but it's not as if I didn't feel every bit of it. I wasn't coasting through by being blissfully unaware. I think I'm finally cured of my phlebotomy squeamishness!

(I blame my diabetic cat and a year of Saturdays working at a vet clinic. And the B12 self-injections, I guess.)

Ah, life

Apr. 18th, 2009 05:54 pm
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If I ever own a dog who outweighs me, he will be trained. He will know (and respond properly to) at minimum COME, SIT, and STAY. Heck, he can be shaky on STAY as long as he knows the other two.

Saw two different pets today who were attacked by other animals in their households. One is going to heal, though slowly. The other was DOA.

In the clinic's computer system we keep track of all kinds of info about the animals, whether medically relevant (age, sex) or not particularly (color). We had a tortoise in today. Just guess what color he is.

I gave my first vaccination (supervised of course). Remember those tiny tiny puppies? They're a LOT bigger now, and twice as heartstoppingly cute. I gave two of them their distemper vaccines. The whole staff was joking around about how we had to keep an eye on each other and make sure that the client got all five of her puppies back.

My heart goes out to one couple who are facing the hardest decision a pet owner ever has to face. I don't yet know what they will choose to do, but finances might turn out to be the overriding factor. I feel awful for them, just awful.

Yep, you guessed right: the tortoise is listed as tortoiseshell.
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I almost fell asleep in chemistry lecture this morning, and with several more classes to go I figured it was worth the risk of calling in the big guns. I stopped at the vending machine and bought a Pepsi. (It gave me two, for some unfathomable reason, and I handed off the second one to the guy behind me in line.)

I did stay awake through biology and physics. Boy howdy. But with one more class to go, I am now lying on the floor, shaking, clammy, and experiencing significant abdominal pain. This reminds me WHY I DON'T DO THAT KIND OF THING. Hey, CJ! Note to self! Sugar makes you crash and caffeine makes you hurt a lot!

*sigh* Will I ever learn?

To be fair, I can give myself credit for mostly having this lesson under my belt. This is my first soda in easily five years. Now I know that no, I did not mysteriously heal or transform my physiology during that period of time. I still need to avoid that stuff.

I poured the second half of it down the drain.
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I had no idea Easter was such a big holiday for people traveling out of town. In the vet clinic where I work, every dog run is occupied, plus four smaller cages for smaller dogs; there are also three cats (one of whom is a HOMICIDAL BALL OF FURY) and one friendly apricot-colored rat. Today I am the one responsible for all of them.

Open Note to a beautiful black dog with hints of white in her fur: please, when we bring you outside several times a day, spend a moment or two thinking of what the reason for that might be. The lovely bed your owners brought for you is a bit big for our laundry facilities.
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Today I was smiling in anticipation of Half Price Candy Day on Monday, when I realized I hadn't made much of a dent in the chocolates I bought LAST Half Price Candy Day (mid-February). Don't get me wrong; I still love chocolate. I just no longer particularly enjoy mediocre chocolate, and I'm not willing to vacuum up a box merely because it was cheap. It seems that the "chocolate addiction" is now more aptly named than the thinly-disguised sugar addiction it used to be.

I wonder what it would be like if my other vices were scaled back so thoroughly! Would I be a boring sermonizer? :-) (Wait: that's definitely a vice.) Or just a snob? (Ditto.)


Apr. 9th, 2009 04:18 pm
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Biology make-up final exam is DONE. I am clearly weak on photosynthesis, but honestly I needed something like a 35% on this exam to get an A in the class, so I'm trying not to nitpick myself to death. Instead I will go pass out eat something and hope to stay conscious at least until it gets dark. (Have I mentioned that jet lag sucks? I have? Okay.)

Also found out my bio lab final grade: 103%. I had no idea it had any extra credit questions built into it. But hey, I won't gripe!
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Today I am in that weird state of sleep wrongness where the large muscles don't quite work right and physical coordination is shot. I also spent all of physics lecture pinching myself and still nearly fell asleep. Eastbound is AWFUL!


Apr. 4th, 2009 08:13 am
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Okay, biology- and medical-geek types: if you ever get a chance to go see the Meguro Parasitological Museum, do it! Here is a web tour (click the small image at the bottom of each page to go to the next).

I recognized several things we dissected or saw under the scope in biology last fall. I also identified heartworm on the first try, but I don't get much credit: the specimen includes a heart.
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Just as I began to order breakfast by name, I stopped being tested on vocabulary because I was now a regular.

We went inside the giant Buddha at Kamakura. Wow. Huge. Its walls were warm from the sun.

I took a spectacular fall at Engaku-ji. Boy do I have some bruises. One's as big as my palm and a deep, deep purple.

We spent the last two days in Hakone, including seeing exactly that view in the first photo, riding that pirate ship, smelling that sulphur, and eating those eggs. (They're a lot blacker than that. They also have their own cable car. I am not making this up.)

Rest stops on the highway here are vast malls of parking and food. Green tea, hot water, and cold water are provided free from vending-machine-like contraptions.

If you ride a multi-story water slide (scroll down), it is possible to get water jammed so far up your sinuses that your brains short out. (Almost, anyway.) I rented a bathing suit. In Japan, I am extra-large.

I have now seen a cherry tree bonsai. Two, actually. Blooming.


Mar. 30th, 2009 08:53 am
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Japanese toothpaste is nicely minty and UNSWEETENED. I may buy a whole bunch more of it.

(At least the one I got. No idea about generalities! Also no flip cap on it. The cap pulls off instead of rotating, too.)