Feb. 1st, 2009

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I had finished feeding the cat and washing one dish and one litterbox. I was just about to wrap it up. The door opened. I was expecting the cleaning team.

Nope. It was a client who had brought his dog in a while back with a broken leg. Seems his dog recently escaped from his collar during a run, and has now been seen in the company of a crackpot neighbor who claims the dog is his. The client, and the policeman who is now involved, wanted someone to identify the dog.

Wow. I feel for the guy, but I've met his dog exactly once, months ago, and I see a lot of dogs in a day. A full-time employee who's seen the dog multiple times might be able to do it. I wouldn't be reliable.

There's an animal control officer who knows this dog well, and she'll be back on shift Monday; the clinic will also be open Monday, with all the full-time staff. He'll get this resolved. But still: wow.

I'd give even odds of a microchip appointment for that dog about a week from now.
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My posts since about Thursday or so have been "Date Out of Order" and thus not on Friends pages. A friend of mine with notifications turned on clued me in. (Thanks!)

Desperate to hear the latest news from the vet clinic? Goodness, I thought you'd never ask! I sure can help you with that! Here are a couple recent posts: Saturday's Happy animals, sad feet: good trade and this morning's The weirdest things happen at the clinic.

And here's one giant GROAN because I want sympathy and I am not above begging for it: Can't Have Everything, Part II. Just think of me as a pathetic little puppy with biiiig brown eyes and an owner who NEVer FEEDS me, poor little thing. AWWWWWWW.

All the rest of the posts are pretty much junk. Why yes, I do get wordy on Fridays.


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