Jan. 18th, 2009

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Good day at the clinic yesterday. Nobody near death, and I got lots of puppy kisses. Any day I have to wash my glasses is a good day. The new shoes are still impressive. Two thumbs up.

I'm convinced that the dogs who are quietest at home are the noisiest when boarded. The loudest barkers show no comprehension of the word "Quiet". (It's obvious when a dog knows he's not obeying. I'm sure you dog lovers know the look. These guys simply have no clue they're being addressed.) A habitually silent dog, of course, would never need to learn such a command.

Walking these guys can be an art. They don't get as much exercise as they're accustomed to getting, they're bored, and they're surrounded by strangers while their own humans are nowhere to be found. Then they get outside, and wow, that's heaven. They jump and they run in circles and they sniff and they stand with their heads pointing into the wind. If there's no urgent need, the last thing they want to do is waste any time with bathroom things. They're too busy watching cars or gazing raptly at the lot next door because maybe it might have squirrels. Eventually I have to get them back inside because I've got a lot of work to do, so I casually saunter past the most recent place where a dog has done some important doggy business. You can watch their brains shift gears. Sniff. Sniff. Oh! I remember something like this, something related to this, once, long ago. Sniff. I think I'll walk funny for a few steps, maybe a yard or two. Sniff. Ah yes! NOW I know what I need to do! (All except one, yesterday. His mental process was: Sniff. Take a bite. I guess no routine works perfectly all the time.)

I got to do some of the "checkins" yesterday, which basically means bringing the client and the animal into an exam room, taking temperature/pulse rate/respiration rate/weight, and asking some basic questions. All this gets jotted down in the client's file, on the computer in the exam room, for the doctor to glance at when she arrives. I think this part is fun, actually, boring as it might sound. I get to greet the patient and I get to bond with the owners a bit. Most owners are pleased when I think their dog or cat is cute, which may be why doing this is so enjoyable. They ARE cute, all of them, and I love to talk to them and scritch them. One lady with an elegant Himalayan was so surprised at how well I got along with her cat that she was shocked that I wasn't the vet. (I wonder if the all-blue outfit wasn't a bit of a tip-off.) "You're so good with her!" she exclaimed. (Cat was, at this point, hiding her head in my elbow. Cat didn't seem particularly happy to me, but it's true that hiding in my elbow did show a certain level of trust.) I adore them. I guess it shows. :-)
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Rob left the house briefly for a flight lesson. I now have roughly eight pounds of fondue. Mmmmm.

I'm always tweaking things I make, looking for cheaper, easier, or tastier. Note to self: do NOT substitute "Primo Taglio Imported French Swiss" at $9.49 a pound for Emmenthaler at $13.99 a pound. All you'll manage to do is waste the Gruyere ($12.99 a pound). I did have the wit to try this only on a small portion. Now I know that it's insufficiently cheaper to make up for the loss of tasty. In the future, if I'm going to stand on these ouchy feet for a half hour, I'm going to get the best fondue I know how to make.

I also have a big batch of zucchini soup, two servings of chicken piccata, about three pounds of tandoori chicken (using paste from a jar of the "instant tandoori chicken" kind of variety), and left over from last week, still about five servings of bean-and-sausage soup. There's lots more sausage, browned and ready to become soup, waiting in the freezer, and because I ran out of Rob-not-home time before I ran out of cheese, one more batch of fondue will appear some time later within the week.

Mmmmmm kitchen day. Rob very gallantly said the smell wasn't "all that bad". :-)


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