Mar. 27th, 2009 09:58 am
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I got myself breakfast, INCLUDING saying "take out" in Japanese, and I even managed to ask for the NAME of what it was I was eating! (Pointing to pictures on a laminated menu card is a wonderful thing.)

I have been eating kuroku mushu - croque monsieur. :)

Tomorrow morning, I'll ask for it correctly instead of by pointing! Wheeeee!
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Less than 24 hours in the country and I've already bought food I couldn't eat and had to throw away. I was lucky to go that long, really. I'm in Japan, for goodness' sake, and I can't eat fish or seafood. I'm lucky I can eat at all. Mochi = wonderful, and hey, since I did come here with Rob, I'm in McDonald's twice a day. Haute cuisine it isn't, but it's got calories in it!

We didn't see a blade of grass out of place at Narita. Maybe the crash was on the opposite side of the field.

The train system defeats me. I can do the subways, but transfer me to something else and I'm useless. Fortunately Rob has a better instinct for those.

Ueno Park is starting to bloom, and it looks like it's going to be STUNNING in about a week.

It's nifty having a teapot in the hotel room.

Mikie wants us to sing. This is going to be a disaster. We tried to tell her what the dancers do when we sing. ("You're not going to do any more of those... are you?") She was undeterred. Yikes.

My feet hurt. Surprise.
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Anybody know any of these in Japanese? As usual, after arrival I am figuring out what it was I should have learned before departure.

"eat in" or "eat here"
"take out"
"how do you say __________ in Japanese?" (where ________ is probably pointing to an object)



Mar. 25th, 2009 09:03 pm
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In Japan. In hotel. Food is in mah belleh. It's only 5am by my body clock! Woo!

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I'm reading over the journal I wrote the last time I went to Japan, looking for hints and tidbits of useful information. I was hoping to remind myself how to get out of the airport or how to say "if I eat seafood I will throw up". Instead I'm finding things that tickle my funnybone ).
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Chem lab final (went well) and one chem "midterm" (also went well) DONE.

I'm exhausted!

To do )
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When people put herbs in scrambled eggs, which ones do they use?
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Yesterday = Spanish "midterm"
Today = two lab reports due + bio lab final
Tomorrow = Spanish final
Friday = head out of town for a weekend square dance, maybe 15 hours on stage
Monday = chem lab final, chem "midterm", chem final (!)
Tuesday = board plane for Japan

Stress shortens your telomeres, you know. I can feel them shrinking.
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PHEW. I am really glad my bio lab final is over.

It was widely rumored to be "brutal", and while I'm not sure I'd go that far, it would have been a nightmare if I hadn't spent large chunks of the last five days preparing. There was absolutely no extra time for thinking something through or dredging something up from memory. If the fact, inference, gel prediction, reason why, enzyme activity, or gel electrophoresis voltage wasn't right there on the tip of the tongue pen, that whole section was DOOMED and it was time to move on to the next.

On the other hand, everything in there was stuff we'd done in lab multiple times. There were no tricks or surprises.

I'm positive I didn't get a perfect score. What I did do was finish in the time given. I'm told that's pretty impressive just by itself.

Spanish final tomorrow.
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I will not be applying to UCDavis veterinary school this fall. Biochem (of which I must take at least two quarters) requires previous completion of o-chem (a full year), which in turn requires completion of the chem I'm in during the spring. And no, I can't start o-chem in the summer. It's not offered.

All of this fussing around about fitting the courses in, and it turns out it never would have been possible to do them all in two years. Three = minimum.

This does kind of put the pressure on to get in on my first try. I simply don't have the financial wherewithal to go *four* years before entering vet school.

Good points:
- No GRE this spring!
- May be able to drop physics this spring (and get better grades in what's left).
- More time to gain a variety of animal experience - wildlife, etc. This is huge.
- More time to get to know veterinarians at all these places = potentially better letters of recommendation.
- Opportunity to take some really cool courses I don't specifically need. Micro! Human anatomy!
- Opportunity to beef up the transcript in the humanities.

Bad points:
- Money.
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How do I get the auto-refreshed view in the new interface? I think they called it Live Feed.

Is there a way to tell the site, or to tell my "view of what is going on" (there must be a name for that), that I do not want to hear about any more eggs (or SuperPokes or what-have-you) ever again? I think "blocking" the app just makes it not know about me. I want something that says I don't want to know about it.

[edit: OMG I FOUND THE FAQ. I will now act much more intelligent about all this. I promise. But I still want to know how to shut up an app.]


Mar. 12th, 2009 09:17 pm
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I joined the dark side.

That thing could eat up the entire rest of my life. Fortunately, I tend to lose interest in between clicking on something and seeing the results.* This allows me to continue to do homework.

Now I think I need the basic two-minute tutorial. Rob's been over the initial setup with me, which is good, or my e-mail inbox would be dead. But I don't really know how to use anything yet.

- When somebody does a "wall-to-wall" at you, how do you reply to their comment?
- What in blazes do you do with "gifts" (not!) of "things" (virtual) that want you to enable some app and donate even more of your time? Is ignoring these considered rude?
- When someone you do not recognize at all asks to friend you, what is the socially acceptable way to say "I haven't the foggiest who you are"?

*If you ever want to know what a web site is made of, use it with a two-year-old browser. Whoo-eee. It's like a cardiac stress test for web code. The patient might look and feel just fine most of the time, but this will highlight every clogged artery.


Mar. 10th, 2009 06:11 pm
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Well, that didn't last long.
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I'm almost caught up.

Not with long-term stuff, oh no. Please don't get the wrong impression here. But I'm almost caught up with homework and lab reports, lecture notes and studying -- the day-to-day workload of being a student. I've even done laundry, paid bills, and cleaned the cats' boxes.

(Looming on the horizon: study for finals, do an editing/proofreading project, do a diverse collection of small errands related to the Japan trip, and organize a truckload of bookkeeping. For me, right now, "long-term" means two to three weeks.)

I think I haven't been this close to squared away since I got sick in early February. It's an amazing feeling.
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I've heard it said that in New York City there are more cars than there are parking spaces. At any given moment, some of the cars are out driving on the roads.

Now that I'm off my restricted diet and eating through my frozen stash, I'm learning that a version of this principle applies to Tupperware.
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On the positive side, I got to see some of the most adorable puppies ever.*

Mama didn't want to let them leave her side. (Sadly, they had to, or the doctor couldn't have done anything for them.) To distract them while they were wriggling and being held and shrieking, I'd give them a pinky finger, and boy could they latch. La Leche League has nothing on these little guys.


* This has nothing to do with the fact they are less than two weeks old and smaller than the palm of my hand. Nothing at all. Nope nope nope.
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If all works out well, I am going to have a hellacious course load in the spring.

Chem 1C with lab
Physics 2C with lab
Effective Organizational Communication
(required to remain in honors society)

Almost definite, desperately need:
Bio 6C with lab

Must do if I am to apply to Davis in the fall:
GRE prep course; take GRE

Must continue doing or else switch with equivalent time commitment:
Work at vet clinic

I'm remembering that during my first quarter, chem + physics + bio + vet clinic = a severe ass-kicking. I got the grades I wanted, but I worked hard and didn't have a whole lot of down time. Spring quarter, if all goes well, I'm adding the communication course and the GRE on top of that.

On the other hand, I won't have the chem workload from hell like I did in fall. In fact, all of the teachers in my lineup are said to be excellent.

On the other other hand, competition is definitely more stiff in the later quarters of these three-quarter science series classes. First quarter, it was clear a lot of the students didn't know what they were in for. Now they do.

On the other other other hand, I've got to get this done. That's the trump card in this debate, right there. The bottom line is that this has to be done.
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Almost done with taxes. Need to make an IRA contribution for 2008 and write it down, and that'll be pretty much it.

THANK GOODNESS. I'm getting busy enough that an hour between lab and lecture is not time to spend studying in the library, oh no, because it is POTENTIALLY USEFUL TIME, so I do something like come home and finish up the taxes.

For my own reference )

HTML codes

Mar. 3rd, 2009 09:40 am
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Now that I'm studying Spanish:

¿ ¿ ?
¡ ¡ !

(I'd also love to find a check-mark.)

Hat tip to this reference page.
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Today's HBC is probably going to make it. (HBC = "Hit By Car", and this one is badly messed up but has not only a good chance of survival but also a chance of recovery.) I am very glad it wasn't my job to sit out in the lobby where the family waited, nor to duck into the back occasionally to come bring the family a status report. Young girl: devastated, crying. Father: annoyed that his day was derailed, snarky to staff, scolding daughter. That poor kid.

My incontinent kitty is probably really incontinent. Culture hasn't run its full time yet but as of yesterday it "looks like it's going to come back negative". X-rays don't seem to show stones, though we'll be more certain after the radiology specialist comes by. Good news = back legs are strong and reliable. That's good because the nerve damage version of this problem has no workaround. Next step is probably one of the medications that strengthens the urinary sphincter.

I "checked in" several patients today & even got a good heart rate and respiration rate on one. (The others were either wriggling or purring. Stethoscopes no work good then.) I got LOTS of puppy kisses and some nice vigorous puppy gnaws. I saw the cutest Lab puppy in the world (until the next one, of course) and the most elegant Sheltie. I got hissed at repeatedly by a cat who was missing both of his fangs on top. I cleaned a whiteboard that had been used as an impromptu stretcher, and I got to help tie down my own cat for X-rays. Even learned a good trick for giving liquid medication by mouth to a very angry cat: put a gloved hand in the cage with him, and when he hisses at it, squirt with the other hand.

I fall down go boom now.