Apr. 22nd, 2009

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I got blood drawn yesterday morning - SEVEN TUBES thank you very much - and I did not feel one iota of wooziness.

Granted, I didn't watch, but it's not as if I didn't feel every bit of it. I wasn't coasting through by being blissfully unaware. I think I'm finally cured of my phlebotomy squeamishness!

(I blame my diabetic cat and a year of Saturdays working at a vet clinic. And the B12 self-injections, I guess.)
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6PM class: Impromptu speech. Joy! In which our group mostly clowned around during the brief prep time. Lovely for them (speech majors), particularly bad for me (who needed every minute of that time). Also learned tonight that I get to do BOTH of the two major project options in this class (honors student). Guh.

Get home at 8:30, ravenous. Put trash out. Must must must study for quiz first thing tomorrow morning! This is the first chance I've had all day! But need dinner, too. Open up salad from fridge and eat about four bites before finding A VERY BIG BUG. Okay, thumbnail length, but too big for my salad. Put bug (still alive) outside in garden, throw away salad.

Feed cats. Put second attempt at dinner in the microwave. Medicate cats. Carry second attempt at dinner to table. Diabetic Kitty (who now contains insulin!) promptly throws up her entire dinner (right next to table). This means it's going to be Race To Fend Off The Fatal Blood Sugar Crash all evening. That studying thing, um, well...

Some days just suck.


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