Feb. 10th, 2009

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Arranged to have dinner with friends last night. By the time last night arrived, I completely forgot about it. I was also unreachable, at least by cell; my phone was in my purse, over on the armchair, where I couldn't hear it.

I HATE WHEN I DO STUFF LIKE THAT. It's rude. I know I'm human and fallible, but dangit.

Anyone out there whom I've promised to see in the next couple weeks: write here? Mary, I remember Kabul. Ambar, I think we haven't set a date. Anyone else?
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My outlook on the whole career change thing changes as I get new information, do new things, and encounter new obstacles. If a lot of positive things have happened recently I am cheerful. Right now it's the opposite.

First was the paper from some symposium or other on the financial aspects of a career in veterinary medicine. People are walking out of vet school with an average debt of $122K, and by 2010 that's expected to be a shade over $200K. Back in 1980, a newly minted DVM had a debt load of 91.6% of his starting yearly salary; in 2007, it's 184%, and it's only getting worse. In short, tuition's going up a lot faster than salary. Veterinary degrees are fast becoming something only the rich can afford.

Then there was the meeting with the San Jose State University transfer representative this morning. I cannot transfer from De Anza to San Jose State. I have a bachelor's degree. They are not taking any applications for undergraduate ("post-bachelor" or second degree) work from people who already have a bachelor's. I am allowed to try to take those courses through a program called Open University, but in that program I cannot preregister for classes; I must add them after the semester begins. It will be very difficult to get into any classes that way.

And finally, I got mail from the Honors Program coordinator saying that since I didn't take an "honors course" THIS quarter, that is to say, I didn't sign up for one before I was even in the program, I don't get early registration for spring quarter. That's pretty shitty, and I sent some (hopefully politely-worded) mail saying so, but there may be nothing that can be done to salvage that situation at this point. [edit: Or maybe there can. I think the coordinator got me mixed in with another category/group who were already in, or something. This one might get fixed.]

*sigh*. At least I'm getting good grades. Spanish test = 100%. Anybody need a Spanish/English translator? I could try to become one of those. I'm sure there's no one in this area who can already meet that need.


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